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School supplies

During the weekend of Aug. 6-8, shoppers will have a little extra incentive to purchase locally for all their back-to-school needs as Missouri rolls out its annual tax free holiday. 

During Missouri Tax Free Weekend, school supplies, including computers; and clothing, including diapers and shoes will be exempt from state and local sales tax; however, cities and counties have the option to opt out. 

Locally, St. Charles County and the city of St. Peters have opted out of the program, according to the Missouri Department of Revenue. That means all shoppers will pay the county sales tax but be exempt from the state sales tax. In all municipalities, except St. Peters, shoppers will also be exempt from the city sales tax. 

Here is the full list of tax-exempt items for 2021:

• Any article of clothing having a taxable value of $100 or less.

• School supplies not to exceed $50 per purchase.

• Computer and technology software with a taxable value of $350 or less.

• Personal laptops and computers, not to exceed $1,500.

• Computer peripheral devices, not to exceed $1,500.

• Graphing calculators, not to exceed $150.

Back to school clothing does not include watches, jewelry, purses, scarves, ties, headbands, belt buckles or umbrellas. School supplies are considered items used in standard classrooms for educational needs including notebooks, textbooks, paper, art supplies, pens and pencils, backpacks and book bags, calculators (including graphing and handheld), chalk and globes. Radios, headphones, phones, office equipment, furniture or sporting equipment are not included in the tax exemption.