To the Editor:

I am less than pleased (as a matter of fact, I’m very angry) with the Missouri Senate voting against expanding Medicaid. It matters not how I feel about Medicaid expansion, but rather the fact that our state legislators went against what was voted on and passed by Missouri residents last year. 

Legislators are elected to carry out the will of the people, and by overriding Medicaid expansion, they essentially took the votes out of our hands. This is the same issue as with Right to Work. That issue has been defeated in Missouri at least three times, yet somehow it always manages to make it way back into the voting realm. 

It seems as if the legislators think they know better than residents. Whenever reelection comes around for legislators, Missouri residents need to remember how the will of the people is not being followed and vote out every member who is not doing what they’ve been elected to do.

Donna Dorough

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