Indian curry

Indian curry (Source: Pixabay)


Want to taste the world’s cuisine, but don’t want to leave St. Charles County? Next time you need to stock your fridge or pantry, check out one of St. Charles County’s many international grocery stores. Each ethnic store is packed with various kinds of goods and cuisine from all across the globe.  

KrishnaVeni Foods

Located at 943 Waterbury Falls Drive, KrishnaVeni Foods claims to be the largest Indian grocery store in the O’Fallon area. The store carries a broad range of regular, specialty and unique Indian grocery products. Fresh produce, numerous spices, classic Indian snacks, frozen items and various rice choices are among the goods you can find through these doors. Fresh vegetables arrive every Tuesday and Friday. Along with grocery items, KrishnaVeni Foods offers festive supplies, incense sticks and pooja supplies. Next time you are in the area, don’t hesitate to stop by or check out its website at

Desi Market

Located at 1120 Technology Drive, Desi Market is an Indian grocery store that also carries lunch and dinner options. They have aisles stocked with loads of Indian groceries and also carry fresh vegetables. Desi Market has a Zabiha Meat menu in the back of the store where they serve food such as chicken kofta curry, haleem goat curry, muttor paneer kabab and more. For more information, check out its Facebook page @desimarketllc. 

El Caporal Mexicana Grocery

El Caporal Mexicana Grocery, located at 2265 First Capitol Drive, has Mexican grocery products. Tucked away inside the grocery store is a little taqueria where they serve menudo (Mexican soup), tacos, gorditas (a dish made with masa and stuffed with cheese, meat, or other fillings), quesadillas, burritos and much more. Stop by to taste authentic Mexican food and do some grocery shopping or visit its Facebook page @El Caporal. 

Sucrose Bakery

Located at 700 S. Fifth St., Sucrose Bakery is a European-style bakery with a focus on traditional German, French and Italian baked goods. Produced daily from scratch, Sucrose Bakery makes many varieties of breads, cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, brownies, croissants, pastries, quiches and at least a dozen flavors of macarons. Along with a bakery is a cafe where you can find many locally roasted coffees and various flavors of espresso. Upon request, you can have Sucrose Bakery make custom cakes. Looking to taste a German Cherry Cheesecake or a London Fog (hot tea-based drink). Visit their store or check out their website at

Hebron Market

As a Middle Eastern food and grocery store, Hebron Market is located at 1786 Zumbehl Road in St. Charles. From Qatayef Hindi (an Arabic dumpling made from a type of yeasted pancake batter) to Musakhan chicken, Hebron Market has many varieties of Middle Eastern food. They also have fresh vegetables and Hookah products. Along with groceries, Hebron Market has a catering service. For more information, visit its Facebook @Hebron Market.

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is located at 3449 Pheasant Meadow Drive in O’Fallon. As a South Asian grocery store, they carry a variety of spices, rice, lentils, snacks, frozen food, vegetables and more. This store sells products from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Every Monday and Friday, fresh vegetables are delivered. Interested in making Indian cuisine? Stop by the store or check out its Facebook page @Spice Bazaar. 

Valenti’s Market and Catering

Located at 6750 Mexico Road, Valenti’s Market and Catering is an Italian meat market, deli and fresh bakery. The Meat Market and Butcher Shop is home to fresh and daily cut beef, pork and chicken, along with in-house-made brats, Italian sausages, breakfast sausage and more. From gourmet meats and artisan cheeses to homemade salads and snack sticks, Valenti’s Deli counter has various food items. Freshly baked Italian breads, bagels and artisan breads or sweet treats such as freshly baked pies, cobblers and cheesecake are available in the bakery. For your next catering event, or just to grab a bite of Italian cuisine, make sure to stop by Valenti’s or visit its website at