Storage example elevation 1.

A “Chuck It In Storage" elevation example (Source: City of O'Fallon)

The current opportunity for Chuck It In Storage to materialize on Veterans Memorial Parkway is now closed.

At the O'Fallon Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) meeting on Aug. 4, the developer withdrew the request for Chuck It In Storage proposed for Veterans Memorial Parkway. Then, at the Aug. 11 City Council meeting, Mayor Bill Hennessy clarified that because the applicant had withdrawn the request, there would be no further action on Bill No. 7427 to authorize the conditional use permit (CUP).

This means if the applicant still wants to pursue a self-storage facility, the process must start from the beginning with a new proposal to P&Z.

The self-storage facility had been proposed for a currently vacant property at the southeast corner of Veterans Memorial Parkway at West O’Fallon Drive, at the western boundary of the city.