At its Jan. 12 meeting, the Weldon Spring Board of Aldermen introduced Bill No. 1161, which would authorize improvements to a dangerous 90-degree curve on Sammelmann Road via an intergovernmental agreement with the city of St. Peters.

The intergovernmental agreement bill is set to come back before the board for final consideration and approval on Jan. 28.

City Administrator Michael Padella explained, “Sammelmann Road carries over 2,000 vehicles per day, making it one of the heaviest traveled ‘internal’ sections of roadway in the city. With the opening of (St. Chares) County’s Veterans Tribute Park in Weldon Spring off Pitman Hill Road, more area residents have requested pedestrian connections to the new park.

“Sammelmann Road as it was originally laid out is inadequate, because it lacks a completed sidewalk system and shoulders, stormwater drainage, and has a dangerous 90-degree curve. Sammelmann is a major access point for the Highland/Highland Estates subdivisions, which are split between the cities of Weldon Spring and St. Peters. However, most of the roadway is in the city of Weldon Spring.”


Sammelman Road curve – northbound (John Tremmel photo)

“The city has heard from area residents who have expressed concerns about the 90-degree curve and the proximity of the sidewalk along this section of roadway. Fischer & Frichtel Homes has completed construction on the 10-home Ehlmann Farms subdivision and are wrapping up construction on two new homes across the street (and) next to the curve. The developer has realized the need for these roadway improvements and has actively supported them, including the donation of the necessary right-of-way to the city. The designed improvements will shift the roadway away from the sidewalk and smooth out the curve,” Padella explained.

Sammelman Road improvement project approved

Sammelman Road curve – westbound (John Tremmel photo)

The project currently is out for bid, with a response deadline of Jan. 21. 

The total project budget is being kept confidential in order to avoid influencing those bids. Padella clarified that there is no St. Charles County Road Board funding or other funding sources available for the project. Weldon Spring will pay for 100% of the engineering design and construction. 

If the intergovernmental agreement with St. Peters is approved, St. Peters will supply technical expertise by providing construction management staff for inspection and field project management, as well as the use of some electronic message boards that St. Peters owns.   

Essentially, St. Peters would be providing in-kind support with staff time and signage for the project.

After the Jan. 21 bid deadline, all bids will be reviewed, and a recommendation for a contractor will be made to the board at its Feb. 9 meeting. 

If the board awards a contract and all necessary paperwork/documents are reviewed, approved and executed by both parties, a Notice to Proceed will be issued by Weldon Spring, likely in March.

The contractor with the successful bid then will have 60 calendar days to complete the roadway improvements from the date of the Notice to Proceed or a mutually agreed-upon construction schedule submitted by the contractor and approved by Weldon Spring.

The project includes clearing, grading, drainage, erosion control, pavements, signing, striping, sodding and other items to improve and smooth out the curve on Sammelmann Road, just west of Lucerne Manors Drive. Traffic management and detours during construction also are included. Some temporary delays and/or closures may be necessary during the peak of construction.


Sammelmann Road high-level project map [source: City of Weldon Spring]

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