Thoughts on Uvalde and gun control 

To the Editor: 

On Jan. 17, 1920, Prohibition began in the United States.This began a constitutional ban on the production of, the importation, and sale of alcoholic beverages. This ended about 13 years later. There was a wave of temperance sweeping the nation, backed by a religious revivalism that wanted less alcohol consumed by U.S. citizens.  

Did the country stop drinking alcohol? No, it did not stop the consumption of liquor during the time-frame of stopping drinking.  There were hidden bars and after-hour clubs called “speak easys” that satisfied the palate of those wanting a taste of booze. There were also people who still produced liquor on the sly; called bootleggers. People died from this prohibition time; either from gangland killings or being poisoned from deadly types of alcohol, usually from wood alcohol.  

What does all of this mean? The recent heinous killing of school students in Uvalde, Texas, by a mentally ill man, brings to mind the Prohibition era.  

Many people are screaming to crash the Second Amendment, take away weapons away from citizens, and remold all of the gun laws on the books.  Replace the word “liquor” with the word “gun” and see if this helps.  Again, during Prohibition did people get liquor and get drunk? If we remove all of the guns, will there be people with weapons? The answer is yes. There will be ways for people to get guns, like getting moonshine during Prohibition times.   

So, is gun control the answer for ending this atrocious pattern that happens too often? Maybe, maybe not. So maybe a comparison to eliminating guns and eliminating whiskey could lead us to a satisfying conclusion. It didn’t work during Prohibition. 

Michael Sargent

• • •

Will someone please explain how we can say we are going to make America great again when people are shot because of the color of their skin? Or when children are mass murdered?

What is great about supporting the National Rifle Association? Except that they will help pay for another campaign for the gutless politicians who keep looking the other way.

I am appalled, no devastated, that I live in a country that dares to say their politics will improve the lives of its citizens. Who will be left to do the clean-up, the healing, the praying? If we are so great, politicians need to get the guts to put an end to the killing.

Lea Doyel