Dr. Tanner Brown D.M.D.

Dr. Tanner Brown D.M.D.

Cottleville Smiles, a dental practice built on a foundation of relationships and service, now provides the latest in dental technology for healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Tanner Brown D.M.D. said building on the foundation of trust established by Dr. Michael Genovese in his 40 year practice was important to him.

We wanted to continue the privately owned and privately operated local small-town appeal, and pair it with the latest technology.”

Technology in the industry has come a long way,” Dr. Tanner said. “We can do a crown all in one day instead of doing a temporary and an impression. We can do digital scans. There’s so much we can do. It’s amazing and a great convenience for patients who have never been exposed to it.”

Dr. Tanner graduated from Lindenwood University and has a doctorate in Medical Dentistry from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, in Alton. His field of study was general dentistry.

Cottleville Smiles provides complete and comfortable dental care. The staff is made up of qualified professionals who work as a team to provide patients with the highest quality treatment in a warm and caring atmosphere. Each patient is very special to them, and they will do everything possible to gain a patient's trust and confidence as concerned partners in a patient's health and well-being.

Services are tailored to meet each person's specific needs, and staff work together to develop a dental health and enhancement plan designed especially for each patient.

Dr. Tanner said the difference that sets Cottleville Smiles apart is the patient’s experience.

We try to treat everyone like family. We focus on one person at a time,” Dr. Tanner said. “We make sure we are serving the patient as best we can. What I’ve found, is if you treat people right, everything else tends to work out.”

Cottleville Smiles provides a variety of services including cleanings, exams, fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry.

Cottleville Smiles also accepts most insurance plans so that patients can get dental care that fits their budgets. For those who don't have insurance, the practice has its own membership program – the Cottleville Smiles Savings Plan. The program is not insurance but prepaid dental services. A yearly fee covers preventative care, emergencies, and check ups. On top of that, the program includes a heavy discount on any dental work needed.

We have many patients who are retired or are without dental insurance who find our plan very competitive and helpful for their dental needs.” Dr. Tanner said.

New patients are always welcome. Patients come from all over, Dr. Tanner said. Their dentists are retiring. They don't like corporate dentistry. They are fearful or they just haven't seen a dentist in a long time.

For those patients who have dental anxiety or just haven't been to a dentist in a long time, I always complement them on making it to the chair,” Tanner said. “People are too hard on themselves, and they are always doing better than they give themselves credit for. We never point fingers or blame. We are just happy to get them on the right path. We can get them where they want to be.”

Dr. Tanner said he was pleased to bring his skills and new technology to a long time practice in the community of Cottleville.

He and his staff will continue to put patients first.

We understand the trust that is involved in this line of work, and we work extremely hard to keep it,” he said.

Dr. Tanner is married to his high school sweetheart Morgan, and they have two dogs. When he isn’t working, Dr. Tanner enjoys hiking, family, friends and playing music.